[Seattle] Lola


SJ: Maybe you can’t tell from my expression, but I was definitely excited to return to Lola. Our first experience at Lola was during Seattle Restaurant Week (in March of 2009) and it was outstanding. It was probably the best restaurant week meal I’ve had by far. We still rave about the grape leaf wrapped Idaho trout. Although it wasn’t on the menu this time around, we still knew this was going to be GREAT!

Rée: I would argue that it was BECAUSE of the grape leaf wrapped trout that we returned to Seattle for another to-eat vacation.

SJ: … wait…. are…. are you serious? We… I mean YOU returned to Seattle for Trophy Cupcakes! You even named your RING after Trophy… remember?

Rée: heh. Don’t these dolmades look delicious?


SJ: Don’t change the subject!

Rée: Especially with the Tzatziki. So good.


SJ: (With one eye still on Rée) Yes. Yes it was. Probably my favorite rendition of all time. Rice, currants, pinenuts, olive oil, lemon juice, the interplay between sweet and sour… Then topped off with a thick, creamy Tzatziki… What more can I say? Oh yeah, the Pacific oysters served with the cucumber mignonette were magnificent as well. Briny, sweet with hints of mineral in one bite, they were delicious even without the mignonette. 


Rée: I’m glad you enjoyed them… since I’m not the biggest fan of oysters, and especially when raw. I am more of a carbohydrates kind of girl. 

SJ: Yes you are. Do you want to introduce our next dish?

Rée: Sure. Lamb dumplings. With yogurt. What’s not to like about that combination? The dense and savory filling of the pasta and the tangy punch of the yogurt was the newest dish we tried during this trip back.

SJ: The lamb dumplings called manti, filled with savory, tender lamb, were gently piled on top of creamy yogurt and topped off with herbs and pinenuts, which were tossed with aleppo pepper. The hint of spice from the aleppo along with the tang from the yogurt really complimented the rich lamb filling of the manti. 


Rée: I would have eventually said all of that.  

SJ: Really?

Rée: No. Show off.

SJ: Face it. I just have a better memory when it comes to food.

Rée: That’s for sure. But, you have to give me some credit. This trip was back in June 2013. Nearly a year ago. Remember, you do all of the food descriptions. I just take the pictures. … and eat. And, make you work a little harder. tee hee.


SJ: How can you forget about these skewers though. especially this one  made with King Salmon. The King salmon was by far the best tasting salmon I’ve had. It was richer, more flavorful and cleaner tasting than most salmon I’ve tried. The relish on top balanced out the richness of the fish, making this a very memorable bite. 

Rée: Okay. I guess it wasn’t as memorable for me. I really only like salmon when it’s raw.. and when we’re at places like Ogawa or Sushi Cho. However, I most definitely remember the next dish. HALOUMI AND FIGS!


SJ: First, Sushi Cho never served us salmon. Second, the haloumi and figs were tasty. Classic Middle Eastern combination.  

Rée: The audience is probably wondering if we eat vegetables at all. 

SJ: We do. So much during our normal lives that we go outside of our routines when we’re vacationing. 

Rée: Yeah. But, we did manage to order some horta and garlic smashed potatoes.



SJ: Mm. Carbs. If you have these potatoes, you’ll probably want to learn to make them yourself. They are that good!

Rée: Couldn’t have said it better myself. In fact. Guess what we had for dessert!

SJ: You cannot say you’ve been to a Tom Douglass establishment without having tried his triple coconut cream pie! The best coconut cream pie ever!!!! (although #Proper Pie is a close second… What’s up #RVA!)


Rée: Yes, you can actually order this pie at ANY of his establishments… even if it’s not on the menu, granted they haven’t sold out. I’ll tell you why. The soft and fluffy whipped cream that isn’t overly sweet. The crust that perfectly flaky yet packs the perfect crunch. The custardy coconut filling with toasted coconut on top. AND a bit (but not too much) of white chocolate shavings. It’s… just… perfect. And on that note—

The Grumpy Concierge approves of this perfect establishment.

  • 5 March 2014
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