[Seattle] Seatown Seabar and Rotisserie

SJ: With a newly acquired taste for oysters (Thanks Rappahannock Oysters!), I was glad to hear that many of Seattle’s finest establishments offered oyster happy hours (.75 cents to a 1.50 per oyster). Since we were in the vicinity of Pike Place Market that day, D and I decided to drop by Seatown Seabar and Rotisserie, another restaurant run by one of our favorites, Chef Tom Douglas.  


SJ: Don’t those oysters look magnificent? They were rather small but very sweet and flavorful. Served with a bruleed lemon and mignonette, these bivalves were quite easy to slurp down with a pint of pear cider. All the hard work was done by our wonderful master oyster shucker who happened to be from Hawaii!


Rée: And, again- since I don’t love oysters, I kind of hung out while I waited for my dessert.

SJ: That’s right. You didn’t order anything.

Rée: Nope. Our oyster shucker (Jennifer, I think) was super awesome, and gave us a sample of the poke they had made. It was so yummy!

SJ: That was the first time I had poke. 

Rée: In Seattle? Even though you had lived in Hawaii before this trip?


SJ: Moving on… 

Rée: Thankfully, my dessert came out before you finished the lasts of your oysters. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, but it was actually quite delicious.

SJ: Yeah, dessert at a Tom Douglas establishment has never disappointed and this was no exception. The frozen banana parfait was topped with caramel and served with a biscotti. Nice textural contrast between the creamy parfait and the crunchy biscotti.


Rée: Agreed!

SJ: Thanks to the great service and the delectable food, we decided to return next morning to enjoy breakfast al fresco.


Rée: I think English Muffins, Eggs and Potatoes are my go to breakfast items. Aren’t they?

SJ: Sometimes you vary it between bacon and french toast though. 


Rée: That’s very true. You manage to be in the mood for something different all of the time. I don’t understand how you do that.

SJ: You are a creature of habit. That’s why. As for me, I am an explorer. I like trying out new things most of the time. Like this sandwich for example. Lumps of Dungeness crab meat, avocado and Beecher’s jack cheese sandwiched between Dahlia Bakery English muffin… Couldn’t be bad right? Sandwich fit for a Seattle explorer!

Rée: :)

The Grumpy Concierge approves of this gem of various treasures.

  • 9 March 2014
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